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Encap is a global contract manufacturing and development organisation and the world's number one company for liquid and semi-solid capsule products.  We offer expertise in all aspects of the development and manufacture of pharmaceuticals for oral drug delivery.

Pharmaceutical Development Services

As the world’s largest company dedicated to liquid and semi-solid encapsulation, we understand product development in capsules. We provide you with a full range of pre-formulation and formulation development services for new substances or upgrades of existing products. Find out more »

Manufacturing Services

Our MHRA / FDA approved, state of the art facility in the United Kingdom is the largest in the world for the manufacture of liquid filled hard capsule pharmaceutical products, supporting clients for all commercial and clinical manufacturing needs. Find out more »

Drug Delivery Technologies

Encap has considerable expertise in all aspects of oral drug delivery and can offer clients solutions for immediate and controlled release, colonic delivery (small molecules, proteins and peptides) and combination products. Find out more »

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