Encap Drug Delivery

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Encap can provide a number of enabling drug delivery technologies for encapsulated products which we combine with new or existing compounds to develop improved therapeutics

Encap can offer clients multiple technologies which are specifically tailored to their needs, including IP protection, solutions for immediate and controlled release, colonic delivery (small molecules, proteins and peptides) and combination products

Our technologies include:

  • Capsule-in-capsule - a capsule within a capsule for delivery of the same or different APIs
  • Colonic Delivery - for targeted delivery to the colon
  • Abuse deterrent formulations - abuse resistant formulations to deter extraction of controlled drugs or pain medicines

Encap's technologies are applicable to:

  • all compounds and especially those which are poorly soluble, have poor bioavailability or are oxygen or moisture sensitive
  • small molecules and biomolecules - (proteins and peptides)
  • controlled drugs
  • compounds which are highly potent (e.g. cytotoxics, cytostatics)

Our technologies offer the following advantages:

  • Formulation is fast for First into Man - providing an excellent development tool to get to decision making points faster.
  • Less API is required for formulation development compared to tablet and IV formulations
  • Ease of scale up enabling faster development during all phases of clinical development - fast into man and fast thereafter
  • Enables targeted delivery of drugs
  • Appropriate for lifecycle management and patent life extension