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Why Choose Liquid Fill?

Liquid filling of hard shell or two piece capsules is a well established and proven method of drug delivery. It can provide many advantages over traditional oral drug formulations such as tablets, powders or pellets in capsules and soft gel capsules.

Liquid filling is particularly suited to High potency and cytotoxic products due to the simplified manufacturing process and to products that exhibit low solubility or poor bioavailibity in other formats. It can also be a novel way to improve or differentiate an existing brand.

But there are many other advantages to liquid fill.

The benefits can be realized in three main ways

  1. Improvements within the manufacturing process
  2. Benefits derived from the formulation of the drug product
  3. Improvements to the overall brand which could be advantageous to sales and marketing.

Benefits of Liquid Fill Technology

ProductionDrug FormulationSales and Marketing
Simplified manufacturing process with fewer process steps Reduced number of excipients Extended product life cycle though drug repositioning
Easily scaled up from pilot to commercial batches Improved bioavailability by promoting absorption, particularly for poorly water soluble products Creating innovative new product ideas
Allows filling of hot melts up to 75°C Improved content uniformity, particularly for highly potent products Attractive color and capsule imprinting
Standardized external dimensions for easier packaging Suitability for hygroscopic compounds Suitability for nutraceutical and OTC products
Dust free production for a safe environment and safer handling (e.g. cytotoxic products)  Suitability for oxidation sensitive or chemically unstable compounds Creating different release profiles for products
High dose precision and homogeneity Suitability for compounds with low melting points Improving patient compliance
Safe, minimized contamination risk   Creation of intellectual property and extended market exclusivity
Simple validation or technology transfer    
No platicizers, no migration / oxygen instability issues    
High yields of stable, leak free product