Encap Drug Delivery

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Encap has the world's largest team dedicated to the development of encapsulated liquids and semi-solids. We can provide you with a complete range of services designed to bring your API to the clinic in the fastest, most cost effective way

Simple, scalable formulations designed for a successful outcome.

Encap's experienced team has helped hundreds of clients over the years to get their molecules quickly and cost effectively into clinical evaluation, while minimizing the risk of formulation failure. Encap provides a full range of Pharmaceutical Development Services from pre-formulation to prototype formulations for clinical trials. We tailor these to the needs of the client whether they want a rapid first in man development program or a formulation optimized with commercial manufacturing in mind.

  • CMC consultancy
  • Analytical method transfer and development
  • Pre-formulation
  • Formulation development

Encap provides clients with simple, scalable oral formulations designed for a successful clinical outcome. These are suitable for all types of compounds: small molecules, proteins, peptides, crystalline and amorphous materials.  In particular we offer advantages for:

  • Poorly soluble drugs which require bioavailability enhancement (lipid formulations including SEDDS and SMEDDS)
  • Hygroscopic and oxidation sensitive compounds
  • Highly potent and cytotoxic APIs
  • Immediate, controlled and sustained release formulations
  • Compounds requiring delivery to specific regions of the GI tract (small intestine or colon)
  • Low melting point compounds

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