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What our clients say

May 2017, West Coast USA, Pharmaceutical Company

“Working with you and the Capsugel team has been one of the highlights of the last couple of years!

April 2017, Pharma Company, USA

I just wanted to give you and the Capsugel team a big "Thank You" on behalf of our company. The release date of the batch was the critical milestone in getting us into the clinic in May.  With this early batch release we should have no difficulty meeting our start date.  Your efforts are greatly appreciated!

December 2016, Large Pharma Company, Germany

“I would like to thank you and the team for the good collaboration in our two projects. Your and the teams engagement and support is really great and I like our collaboration a lot.”

July 2016, Biopharmaceutical Company, Poland

“I’d like to thank you all for nice and fruitful collaboration I hope we’ll have an opportunity to meet once again.”

January 2016, Biopharmaceutical Company, Israel 

 “We appreciate the huge efforts needed to prepare and then go through an inspection and the absolute significance of a positive outcome. Therefore, maintaining transparency and tight collaboration coming into the inspection and during this past week, is not taken for granted. I see that as a direct extension of our long collaboration over past years and hope to maintain this spirit going forward."

 January 2016

"I am very happy that we have achieved this status together. It was not always an easy task, but the issues and unexpected things we had to deal with were managed very professionally from your side. Thanks for your engagement and great support.”

September 2015

"What a pleasure it has been working with the Encap team. Always so well organised and nothing was too much trouble. It is a real contrast with some other contractors."

 July 2015, Large Indian Pharmaceutical company

"Thank you for being so supportive. It could not have been possible without your coordination and the help of the entire Encap team. I am grateful to have met you all."

 Decemeber 2014, British Multi-national Pharmaceutical company

"We are extremely happy with the progress of the project, team are fantastic. Congratulations to the entire Encap team for supporting this project."

June 2014, President and CEO - USA Biotech

"I have worked with so many CROs but except one, not received the promptness and level of support Encap has provided. Hats off to everyone at Encap - you gals/guys are the best!"

 April 2014, Major Pharma Company

"Impressed with the organisation, expertise, and commitment of the manufacturing team. There is a reason that Encap/Capsugel have a reputation as the world experts."

 March 2014, Major Pharma Company

"Your depth of knowledge in manufacturing and problem solving ability is superior to anyone with whom I have worked. It has been a pleasure working with you. You have made my life on this project so much easier. It is so reassuring to have complete confidence in the people you work with and to have this confidence with external contractors is rare, you are the exception."

 December 2012, CEO, USA Biotech

"Let me add my appreciation as well. Thanks so much for the great service through all of this."

 November 2012, EU Biotech

"Great news!! The MHRA have approved the substantial amendment. This is a huge relief and only made possible by all the work at Encap. Well done everyone and thank you."

 September 2012, Director of Development - European client

"‘Hope all is well. Many thanks for your flexibility regarding production of these study drug batches!"

 June 2012, Pharmaceutical client on product launch

"This would not have happened without the full support and hard work by everyone on this project. This included everyone who worked on the project from the beginning and made this project happen. I would therefore like to thank everyone for all their hard work to permit a launch in June as planned. Many thanks."

 May 2012, Speciality Pharma company on completion of manufacture of Phase 1 supplies

"Again, to you and the rest of the Encap team: Thank you for your flexibility, willingness to accommodate to meet our schedules and for your excellent communication! Not all collaborators deliver as you do when it comes to these things!!"

 April 2012, Large Pharma client on successful First-in-Human CT manufacture of a novel formulation type

"What a tremendous effort! I would like to extend my sincere thanks to the extended team as I know just how many people have to be involved in such a massive undertaking. Congratulations on a job well done."