Encap Drug Delivery

A division of

Commercial Manufacturing

Encap offers you a highly personalized service utilizing our experience in liquid and semi solid commercial scale cGMP capsule manufacture.

Our expertise extends to cover a wide range of product types such as oncolytics, analgesics, controlled-release formulations, nutritional supplements and probiotics, proteins and peptides, hormones, immunosuppressant's, laxatives and steroids.

Our current production capacity is in excess of 300 million capsules per annum which continues to expand so you can be reassured that limited capacity will not be an issue for your product.

Capsule manufacturing is available for a wide range of capsule sizes and fill volumes for both gelatin and HPMC capsules. We can provide either banded or unbanded products depending on your requirements.

Capsule coating is also provided should you require enteric or other controlled release profiles.

We also provide primary and secondary packaging into a variety of pack type configurations, such as blisterpacks or bottles.

Specialist manufacturing is also available with our low humidity and high containment suites.